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21 Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas You Shouldn't Miss

Bedrooms should be places of refuge and comfort, where you can relax and unwind. Whether you want to completely redecorate your bedroom from scratch or just give it a few minor touches, these 21 beautiful bedroom design ideas will help you create the perfect dreamy sleep retreat.

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Choose restful colors.

Choosing restful colors is important in bedroom design, as they can affect your wellbeing and sleeping habits. Cooler colors like blue and green are often most effective for promoting a good night’s sleep. Lighter tones also help keep the atmosphere of the room calming and serene, making it easier to relax. Alternatively, opt for warm neutrals or earthy shades if you prefer a warmer ambience.

In some cases, bright colors may work for a bedroom. When choosing bold color schemes, it’s best to use them in moderation, either with an accent wall or the occasional pop of color. Bright tones create energy and should be used sparingly for maximum effect. No matter what palette you choose, make sure all your furnishings complement each other and create a cohesive look throughout the space.

For a truly restful bedroom design, try calming shades of blues and greens. Pale lilac hues can also add a note of tranquility to the room, especially when paired with bright white accents for contrast. Don’t forget about neutrals like beige and greige, which ground your other colors in a gentle way. Choose bolder jewel tones as accent pieces or wall art, while lighter shades serve as bedrock around which you can build the room’s personality. With these tips in mind, you’ll have a soothing bedroom that you love to spend time in.

Paint is perhaps the easiest way to add color to your bedroom, but you can also find furniture with shades of blue, green and lilac. Whether in velvet or linen, these hues can provide a visual respite that keeps your eye moving throughout the room. The use of white trim or trellis patterns on drapes helps add depth and definition to your walls while calming the environment around it. Investing in statement pieces like a luxurious tufted headboard or beautiful bedding also introduces depth and texture. With thoughtful layering of colors and materials, you’ll be sure to have a cozy retreat that nourishes your whole being.

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Invest in clever storage solutions.

Creating a clutter-free environment is key to achieving a calm and comfortable space. Invest in clever storage solutions to streamline your belongings, such as built-in shelves, ottomans or hanging rails. This will help you create an organized and cozy setting while providing easily accessible places to store all your favourite items. For maximum tidiness and neatness, try adding some additional wall hooks or baskets for smaller accessories like jewellery or scarves.

If you have limited floor space, installing floating shelves can help open up horizontal areas and give your bedroom a larger feel. Strategically placed accent lights above the wall to shelf area can also add dimension, texture and depth to your room, giving it a beautiful glowing aura in the evening. You can also use baskets or decorative boxes on top of your shelving units to store any excess items that don’t have their own specific storage area. By doing all this, your bedroom will feel more peaceful and comfortable without all the clutter.

Investing in storage bins and dividers can also take your bedroom décor to the next level. Having lots of small compartments that fit right under your bed creates hidden spots for you to stow away items and out-of-sight places for you to store excess items. A great option would be multi-dimensional slots made of bamboo, jute or canvas which come in fun colours and various sizes to help create an aesthetically pleasing look as well as an efficient use of space within your bedroom. This allows you keep all those odds and ends nicely organized, while also making room for bigger furniture pieces like wardrobes or dressers.

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Hang art, curtains and lights that match your style.

Adding art, curtains and lights that match your style will instantly transform the vibe of your room. Choose colours and prints that reflect your taste and personality, whether you prefer something minimalistic or bold, modern or vintage. Place a statement artwork over the bed, hang string lights around it to softly illuminate your space or add some soft drapes to block out the sunlight. Incorporating these details into your bedroom design are sure to give it a unique touch.

When curating artwork, choose pieces that complement your mood or colour scheme. This can be a framed poster of a classic movie you love or a drawing of your dream destination. Bringing nostalgic memories and creative thoughts into the room is great way to personalize it. If you're not sure how to tie it all together, hang items in matching colours and strength, so the art pieces visually harmonize with the curtains and lights you chose. Then adjust them on the walls for balance create a unique design for your one-of-a-kind space.

Quality of light is an important factor when designing your bedroom. Wall mounted lights, like sconces, can be great mood setters, while lamps are a nice addition to the night stand and vanity area. Natural lighting is also essential for bedroom design; make sure that your windows have airy curtains that let in the sunlight. Sheer curtains will diffuse and soften the light in plenty to get some beautiful morning sun rays into the room. Go for fabrics and hues that match your decorating style and consider doing different shades as layers to add depth to the look.

An important part of bedroom design is adding artistic touches. You can go bold with oversized prints or go small, hang a single framed print taking you back to an interesting place or memory. Showcase any special items that you have collected over the years—anything from a record album frame to a vintage tea cup display— and add enough wall decor as it visually balances the room’s furnishings. Using these tips will help create a magical atmosphere that will transform your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Create an inviting headboard wall feature.

Bring your bedroom design to life by transforming a simple wall into a decorative feature. Paint the wall behind your bed with a bright, cheerful colour and add an upholstered headboard, faux fringe accents or wooden wall panels for texture. You can also add some shelves and create a gallery wall of art and photos, hang lighting fixtures or mirrors to reflect light and make the space look bigger. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be eye-catching!

No matter what kind of headboard you choose, make sure it complements the colour palette of your room and works with the other existing furniture. You can easily create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom with just a few small changes. By adding pillows and throws in contrasting colours, or even different patterns, to your bedding, you can add layers of texture and colour to the overall design. Utilizing space-saving pieces like nightstands and hanging shelves for extra storage space is also an easy way to increase the functionality of your bedroom's interior design.

Creating an inviting headboard wall feature is simple and straightforward. If you decide to go with a traditional or vintage look, choose carved wooden pieces or metal trimmings as accents on the wall. You may also opt for wallpaper, fabric-covered panels and upholstered headboards to achieve a more modern take on bedroom design. A creative and creative way to really make your headboard stand out is by adding LED lighting at the side and below the headboard. This subtle addition can create a soft atmosphere for winding down after a long day, ensuring you'll be all ready for a good night’s sleep.

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Incorporate plants to bring life into the room.

Adding a plant or two to your bedroom can bring colour and life into the space, as well as providing health benefits like purifying the air. Choose plants that are easy to take care of, such as succulents or air plants, and place them in small pots on nightstands, windowsills or mounted on walls. Enjoy the freshness they will add to your bedroom atmosphere!

When selecting your plants, make sure you pick one that is adapted to the amount of indirect sun your bedroom receives. Depending on how much natural light your bedroom gets, certain types of plants require more or less sunlight in order to thrive. Try to use plants with similar light requirements for aesthetic unity and convenience about watering needs. Moreover, try grouping a few small or medium potted plants together for an even greater impactful presence. Finally, don’t forget about the vessels you’ll be using for your plants: pick some that match the colour scheme of your room, such as colour-popping terracotta pots or pastel ceramic planters!

Not only do plants make your bedroom look uplifting and visually interesting, but they can also improve the air quality in your bedroom by producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, as well as filtering out electromagnetic radiations from electronics. Certain plants even go further by purifying the air from toxins like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and other pollutions that might be brought into your home. Spider plant, ficus, and peace lily are just a few examples of houseplants you can choose for a healthier bedroom environment!

When decorating your bedroom with plants, consider the aesthetic of the entire room. Cohesive color stories work great, or contrast a dark wall with lighter leaves or flower petals. Alternatively, try to group similar plants together in one corner of the room so they become an artful object of their own. Having these living elements in your home is guaranteed to create a more vibrant and calming atmosphere that will help you get a peaceful night's sleep.

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